Brada is one of Emanuel Oliveira's alter egos who, in this way, presents himself as a soloist. Son of a Mozambican mother and an Angolan father (who is also a musician and played in one of the biggest African musical groups - ´Duo Ouro Negro`), he was always surrounded by Afro influences.

Together with Duarte Carvalho, he gave birth to ´No Maka`, a project that won several multi-platinum awards, namely (but not only) with the theme "Faz Gostoso", re-recorded by Madonna and Anitta, which reached #1 on the Billboard! The great stages, such as the Altice Arena or the MEO Sudoeste, among others, also became familiar to him.

Brada brings an Afro and electronic sound, often defined by "Afro Tech" and "Afro House". In 2021, he released "Assume" and quickly caught the attention of the Afro House market. That same year, together with Duarte, they founded a new record label: Capote Records.

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