Welcome to "VALÉRIA"

Starting in 2022, Valéria is another artistic project that was born in the pandemic. With an easy smile and a good mood that does not go unnoticed, it is in...

FAVELA LACROIX new entry 2022

FAVELA LACROIX is the first Drag Queen, singer and songwriter, in the Portuguese music and LGBT scene. With a career that started in 2019, the artist bets...

P*ta da Loucura "Marcha Tudo"

"Marcha Tudo" sets the tone for the first original song by P*ta da Loucura Music Project. The duo starts the 2022 Tour with the release of a song that meets...

GNTK & IRIS - Voltas À Cabeça

“Voltas à Cabeça” is the latest work by GNTK in collaboration with IRIS. It went from rap to rock, from the center to the south, from the...

ED PLEASE New Entry 2022

After the last two years, we have seen our lives turned upside down, for us it was also a year of re-discovery and that allowed us time to evaluate the past...


At a time when we believed that the return to the stage was near, precisely a year ago today, we took over the booking of NO MAKA. We continue to believe that...

No Maka

After an atypical year like 2020, when everything in our personal and professional life was conditioned or questioned, it was time to take stock between the...

GNTK present new single "Alguém como tu"

“Alguém como tu” is GNTK's latest work. At a time when the world tries to deal with a new normal, this work is the result of an endless number...

Unique times, require extraordinary services!

So that we can guarantee an interesting solution for artistic enjoyment and, at the same time, ensure strict compliance with all safety rules and good health...

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